By Faranando Thomas 

Award-winning Kadoma-based producer, Brendon Masikini  popularly known as DJ Skinner of Proper Bliqxs Music  is making waves in the local music industry. The talented producer launched a musical medley titled “Armageddon riddum” on the Thursday night’s Zi-FM stereo, Judgement Yard program.

With his unique style and original dancehalll music, DJ Skinner has been able to captivate the attention of music fans in Zimbabwe and beyond. His previous projects, “Major riddum”, “Round about”, “Double trouble” and “Milestone riddums” have received critical acclaim and have established him as one of the best producers in the country.

“Armageddon is a riddum that is set to take the airwaves by storm, as 45 Mashonaland West artists delivered their signatures well onto the well-arranged beat. C-Jah, Sir Wallas, Nisha T’s are some of the artists who put their voices on Armageddon riddum,” Masikini said.

In an interview with DJ Skinner at his studio on the radio launch, the young producer expressed his excitement and gratitude to his fans.

“Armgeddon Riddum is now on all our social media platforms and I believe the riddum will resonate with my fans on a deeper level. I want to thank Zi-FM stereo for their usual support to us, Elder Etherton Beenie, Mashonaland best artists, you journalists and everyone who has supported us on this journey and we promise to keep delivering great music.”

Skinner urged youths to desist from taking dangerous drugs and substances.

“I urge my fellow artists and youths to stop abusing drugs and have a positive mindset so as to live sustainably by bringing transformative changes using their God-given talents,” said Skinner.

“We want a mindset that advocates towards cleaner and healthier lifestyles which sustains the community developmental initiatives and cultural values,” he said.

Dj Etherton Beenie of Judgement Yard described Kadoma as the City of dancehall and offered his service for Mashonaland West artists.

“Skinner and his team are pushing the boundaries and setting new standards for what is possible to make sure Zimbabwean music industry continues to grow and is accepted internationally,” he said.

“It is the talent and dedication that is putting these young artists high, and my service is always available to support them,” elder Beenie added.

Most listeners who follow these young artists believe that if they are supported they will continue to make waves and cement their place as some of the top artists in the country.

“Fans can now download Armageddon Riddum on their social media platforms and I am sure fans will put this riddum on their playlists.”

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