We’re Targeting To Issue 1.3 Million Title Deeds Before Elections – ZANU PF

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ZANU PF is offering title deeds to around 1.3 million people before this year’s elections, a move the ruling party says is aimed at shutting down land barons.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently issued 265 deeds of grant to Epworth residents. ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa told NewsDay yesterday that they had identified the owners of the properties. He said:

We now have a system that creates title deeds. We are targeting to issue a prospective 1,3 million title deeds before elections. The houses have been built by developers and owners of the properties and they have been physically identified.

What is only left with is the regulatory framework which is the most painstaking process because we can’t make a mistake with a title deed because it is a document which can be passed from a generation to a generation and people can now apply for loans at the banks because of the title deeds.

Issuing the title deeds to the Zimbabweans is a blow to the land barons because they are the ones who were causing confusion in the parcelling of land and causing evictions.

Political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya expressed skepticism about Zanu PF fulfilling their promise, saying that similar promises have been made before elections in the past. He added:

However, as long as the surveying, boundaries are done and properties don’t violate environmental and other development laws, it can be done if they are genuine.

ZANU PF has been accused of making empty promises towards elections.

In Zimbabwe, the issue of land barons is a significant concern, particularly in the lead-up to elections. Land barons are often connected to powerful political figures, and their activities have been linked to corruption and the abuse of power.

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