*“I will always stand with my wife”:Tytan Nkomo Defends Olinda Chapel Amid Stunner Controversy

Amidst a storm of criticism and public backlash following Olinda Chapel’s unexpected birthday message to her ex-husband Stunner, her current husband, Tytan Nkomo, has stepped forward to defend her.

In a show of solidarity, Tytan took to his Facebook account to share a heartfelt message alongside a picture of himself with his wife, Olinda.

Expressing admiration for Olinda’s forgiving heart, Tytan acknowledged that he had learned valuable lessons from her example of forgiveness.

He highlighted the importance of fostering friendships instead of harboring animosity, emphasizing that love holds the power to transform lives for the better.

“The one thing I love about my wife is her forgiving heart and it’s something I had to learn because I’m such a good example of her forgiveness.

This is something that we have had to teach our kids:
– It’s better to have friends than to have enemies.
– It’s better to love than to hate for it has a way of taking control of your life for the worst,” reads part of the Facebook message.

In his Facebook post, Tytan shared their commitment to prioritizing peace in their marriage, eschewing the desire for enemies.

He acknowledged that, at times, they find themselves entangled in repetitive cycles with people who have caused them pain. However, Tytan affirmed his unwavering support for Olinda, emphasizing that her intentions are always pure and devoid of malice.

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