GOODBYE MUKANYA, IT WAS GOOD WHILE IT LASTED. . . Mapfumo to stage last live show

EVERYTHING has a beginning and an ending.

Artists come and go, each of them having written their story, some having made a huge impact while others having struggled to do so.

They are just like sports persons, they all have a lifespan, even though musicians have a longer lifespan compared to their sports counterparts.

One thing is certain for all of them – one day the curtain will be drawn for the last time.

For Chimurenga music legend, Thomas Mapfumo, the time has come for him to leave the stage after decades of entertaining his fans.

He is set to perform one of his last rounds of live shows in Leicestershire on June 24.

At the age of 77, the living legend will be taking a break from stage performances.

The musician, however, confirmed in a video on Facebook that he will continue to record music for his fans.

He will also be dropping a new album in June and has promised to keep supporting other artists.

“I will be hosting one of my live shows and it is one of my last performances on stage.

“But, be rest assured that I will still produce music and help those who want help in terms of music.

“I will keep doing music because that has been my life.

“I am very grateful for all the support you have shown towards my music, I appreciate the love.

“I don’t have a lot of money but the support you have shown me throughout the years, thank you.

“Ndakangogara ndiri munhu wevanhu saka naizvozvo I would like to invite you all to come and have fun with me,” he said.

In September last year, H-Metro’s UK correspondent, Forward Nyanyiwa, suggested that the time for Mukanya to leave the stage had come.

This followed a show the musician held in England.

“For most Zimbabweans, there is only one celebrity who answers to the name Gandanga,” wrote Nyanyiwa.

“His name is Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo a.k.a Gandanga, Mukanya, The Lion of Zimbabwe, Hurricane Hugo.

“If I am to name the top five of Zimbabwe’s music greats, Mukanya will be in there with Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi, Leonard Dembo, Simon ‘Chopper’ Chimbetu (all late) and living legend Alick Macheso.

“However, as one writer aptly said, all earthly things, great or small, wise or foolish, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, sad or happy, will finally come to an end.Mukanya, right now, has actually reached his waterloo.

“The recent show in Leicester, England, where he shared the stage with Macheso and Tocky Vibes, all but laid bare that our musical superhero has reached the end of his road.

“Age has finally caught up with Mukanya and that he must rest is no longer a necessity but a sobering reality.

“On a warm evening in Leicester, Mukanya looked spent backstage, even before he had graced the stage. One of his backing vocalists even went on stage with a shopping bag.

“By the time he belted one of his yesteryear classics ‘Mai Vangu Varipi,’ it was evident that the audience were only respecting him because of nostalgia and his brand.”

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