Palestine Embassy Commemorates Nakba Day in Conjunction With Bob Mutumbi


By Desire Tshuma

The Palestine Embassy, in Conjunction with Bob Mutumbi, yesterday commemorated Nakba Day in a unique theatrical performance which was presented by Hot Haus Troupe at the Jassen Mpofu Small Theatre in Harare.

This was the second event on the anniversary of the Nakba that the Palestinian Embassy commemorated 75 years through theatrical performance entitled “Nakba Genocide”.

The event was graced by the theatre-loving community and by members of the media from state and private institutions, including television. The theatrical show appeared dramatic and influential and it won the admiration and interaction of the attendees as it was based on clarifying the reality of the international double- standards.

The forgotten tragedies of Palestinians and criticising the state of global co-existence with the Palestinian Nakba as a continous Israeli act of aggression. Palestine genocides perpetrated by the Israeli apartheid occupational government has been in existence for the past 75 years.

The play was prepared seven months ago with the Palestine Embassy supporting the process.

Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri was the guest of honour, and he narrated to the viewers after the play how horrible Palestinians have been living under Israeli apartheid.

“Palestinian men were forcibly taken to Germany by Israel government counterparts purporting to be saving them from massacre; women and children were left fatherless, then they started encroaching to our land illegally, but Palestinian people will not fold their hands.  They will protect their holy land where Jesus Christ was born. We also ask the international community and human rights organisations to hold Israeli apartheid government accountable for the Palestine genocide,” said Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri.

TOP PIC: Palestine Ambassador Flanked by Bob Mutumbi and the Hot Haus Troupe

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