All Care Support Gives Relief To Admitted, Out-Patients And The Aged


By Desire Tshuma

All Care Support (Pvt) Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency structured to address staffing gaps within health and social care in Zimbabwe. It provides nurse aides, maids , gardeners and drivers to different vulnerable members of the society including the sick, disabled and the aged.

“At the All Care Support, we are dedicated to constantly maintain ahigh customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services through our highly experienced and motivated partners which are heath care assistants, support workers and registered nurses,” said Ms Mellisa Mutopa (pictured).

“We support our partners to be on top of their profession by keeping them up to date through stringent compliance and screening processes and we render quality excellent care at affordable charges,” added Mellisa, who is the Support Manager.

All Care Support was established in 2022 in Harare and has opened another office in Bulawayo with over 80 permanent workers and several part-time workers. All Care Support is a registered healthcare company, they recruit nurse aides and deploy them to take care of patients who are in admission in the hospitals or out-patients to make sure they properly take their medication in right time.

“Relatives of patients who are admitted in hospital, some ask the hospital management for extra private care as sometimes nurses could be overwhelmed that is when we deploy our staff who will be reporting to the nurses if there is need.

“On the out-patients, some have dementia and they forgot to take their medication. On that Healthcare Support workers monitor them to take the medication, some cannot bath by themselves, others are disabled so we make sure they get the right support,” said Mellisa.

“There are old people who cannot not cook, wash clothes and and other household chores, All Care Support provides maids and gardeners of the clients preferred sex and age . All Care Support has created employment amongst the youths and by so doing they have been helpful in the fight against drug abuse amongst the youth. Mellisa Mutopa, All Care Support manager concluded by saying their organisation is looking forward in opening other branches in the region.”

We shall be always available and prepared to provide independent nursing care stuff services per contract to in patients and out patients (home based care) for local government hospitals and clinics and for the pandemic outbreaks and for the emergency services,” said Ms Mellisa.T

To get in touch with All Care Support, they are on Facebook, web AllCARESUP.ORG and at

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