After a humbling, humiliating day, naked empress Mai TT files police report


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CONTROVERSIAL comedienne and musician, Mai TT, has filed a police report against her ex-husband, Tinashe Maphosa, over her leaked nude video and pictures.

Some of the images are quite disgusting.

Mai TT, real name Felistas Murata, claimed Tinashe leaked the nudes to one Ketty Masomere.

“I have opened a case against Tinashe and Ketty for leaking nude pictures I posed for Tinashe during the subsistence of our marriage,” said Mai TT.

“Tinashe leaked the pictures to Ketty and the two will face justice locally and abroad.”

A video of Mai TT exposing her private parts and naked body was leaked on Twitter, sending social media into a frenzy as some of her ardent followers scrambled to support her on her Facebook Live.

On Facebook Live, Mai TT played her strong black woman card, which garnered lots of support from her fans.

The leak has drawn criticism and condemnation from others, with some accusing her of using the incident to attract attention and gain sympathy.

Mai TT and Tinashe had a tumultuous relationship, with the two exchanging public insults and accusations after their separation.

The leaked nudes are just the latest chapter in their ongoing drama.

Below are some comments by those who saw the nudes:

Don’t explain anything, this too shall pass. – Adelaide Appollos.


Go Mura haaa wagadzira lemonade nema lemon. Love you mhani. – Betty Gangata Mabaya.


I think it was good wakanyarara hako mura. – Happiness Maunzagona.


I love you no matter what my sister. I am not shaken, stay focused I love you from Botswana. – Goitse Mmaagwe Joe Tsiape.


Ende she is not even moved, ende explanation muchaionera kuhope. – Iye Vimbai Wacho.


Who knows that she’s not even addressing anyone, she’s here to make money. – Ruth Ndela.


But MaiTT vanofanira kungoti respect. – Douglas Wenyu.


The best thing for Mai TT is to keep quiet. It will pass just like the others. However, knowing Mai TT, she’s going to respond even if she’s under water. – xstine455.

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