Scorned Lover’s Revenge: Ketty Masomera Points Finger at Mai Tt’s Other Man as Culprit Behind Scandalous Picture Leak

Ketty Masomera, an Irish-based Zimbabwean socialite, has responded to the serious accusations made by Mai Tt regarding the alleged leaking of explicit pictures that quickly spread across various social media platforms.

On a fateful Wednesday, Mai Tt took to her official Facebook page and dropped a bombshell, claiming that her former husband, Tinashe Maphosa, and Ketty had joined forces to blackmail her by threatening to release the pictures.

Ketty Masomera Denies Mai Tt’s Allegations
However, during an interview with H-Metro, Ketty Masomera refuted Mai Tt’s allegations, considering them groundless. She explained that, like many Zimbabweans, she became aware of the pictures through a WhatsApp group.

Ketty informed the tabloid that it was, in fact, Mai TT’s ex-lover, Forget Muranza, who had exposed the pictures as an act of revenge after Mai Tt failed to fulfil a loan payment.

Ketty Masomera went on to reveal that Mai Tt was the one who owed her money, as Ketty had already repaid a portion of what she owed Forget.

Ireland-based Socialite Blames Picture Leak On Mai Tt’s Other Lover
She added that Mai Tt held a grudge against her solely because she took to Facebook Live multiple times to demand her money.

Ketty stated that it was Forget who maliciously leaked the explicit pictures in order to frame her and disrupt her peaceful life.

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