From Hitmaker to Heartbreaker: Mr Brown Was Cheating On Pregnant Wife With Former Rhythm City Actress

In a startling revelation, Mr Brown, the renowned hitmaker for Makhadzi, was caught red-handed engaging in an extramarital affair with an actress while his wife was expecting their child.

Mr Brown, now back in Zimbabwe after being deported by Home Affairs for overstaying and failing to renew his work permit, had been romantically involved with singer/actress Itu Bokaba.

A confidential informant, close to Mr Brown, disclosed to ZiMoja that the former Rhythm City actress was completely oblivious to the fact that the talented producer was both married and anticipating the arrival of a baby.

According to the source, Itu Bokaba learned of Mr Brown’s marital status through an article and promptly severed all ties with him.

“When she read an article, she broke off their affair. They used to work together and date. But it’s done. I am a little bit puzzled as to how she didn’t know that he had a child on the way,” the friend revealed.

The informant explained that although Itu Bokaba has a child of her own, she would never knowingly involve herself with a married man. It was completely out of character for her, and she promptly ended the relationship upon discovering Mr Brown’s marital and parental situation.

“But Itu would never be with a married man. She is a lady and has child too… she can handle anything but not a married man. That’s out of character for her,” the friend added.

The informant informed the publication that the long-distance breakup has been challenging for Itu Bokaba, but she will ultimately overcome it.

Mr Brown Reveals Plans After Being Deported Back To Zimbabwe
Mr Brown confided in ZiMoja that while he would prefer to stay in Zimbabwe, he had to return to South Africa for the sake of his wife and their impending child.

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