Police Arrest Magunje’s ‘Most Wanted Criminal’

By Desire Tshuma

Zimbabwe Republic Police has arrested Bright Zaranyika – also known as Svosve – at a bus stop in Magunje while he waiting for his wife to escape to Beitbridge.

Zaranyika has been on the run from 2022 for a spate of crimes he committed in Makonde, Hurungwe and Karoi since November 2022. Until his final arrest on June 5. Zaranyika has been raping, robbing and stealing in the district, and evading police.

On June 5, Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Karoi acted on a tip-off and arrested the suspect at a bus stop in Chikuti while he was waiting for his wife in order to escape to Beitbridge.

Zaranyika is  linked to three cases of unlawful entry into premises and theft, 13 cases of robbery and four cases of rape.

The suspect is denying a case of unlawful entry into premises which occurred in November 2022 where a 0.22 LR Bryno rifle was stolen in Magunje and another case of unlawful entry into premises and theft where US$2000 cash, a gas tank and various clothing items were stolen on May 11 2023 at a homestead at Magunje growth point.

The suspect is further linked to a case of rape and robbery which occurred on May 24 2023 in a bush near Jingson bus stop along Karoi – Magunje road where a woman was raped and US$4 stolen from her as well as ZWL500 cash and another of robbery which occurred on June 5 2023 where a phone, US$480 cash and 11 grams of gold was stolen .

Meanwhile on June 6 Criminal Investigation Department, Vehicle Theft Squad Harare, reacted to a tip-off and arrested Marlven Chimutashu aged 36 for fraud and contempt of court.

The suspect allegedly duped a Harare woman US$33 000 cash after selling her an unregistered Mercedes Benz C200 in 2019. Chimutashu was subsequently arrested on November 4 2019 and taken to court where he was granted bail. He was later issued with warrant of arrest in February 2023 after he continuously defaulted court appearance.

“As Zimbabwe Republic Police, we reiterates that operations targeting robbery and fraud syndicates have been intensified throughout the country. We urge members of the public to be alert and report all criminal acts on time to the police for the law to take its course,” said Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi .

  1. Meanwhile the ZRP applauds the public for providing vital information to the police on criminal movements.

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