Police accused of ignoring sexual assault case against chief

MASVINGO — A woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by Chief Fortune Charumbira, the president of the Chiefs’ Council and the Pan-African Parliament, has written to the police to complain about their inaction on her case.

The woman, a married teacher from Masvingo, says Charumbira tried to kiss her at a hotel in Harare in March, but she rejected him. She reported the matter at Masvingo Central Police Station in April, but Charumbira has not been arrested or questioned. He has denied the allegations and threatened to sue her for defamation.

The woman has also filed another charge of victimisation, saying Charumbira sent her threatening messages and accused her of being a member of an opposition party. She says she fears for her safety and that of her family. The police say they have transferred the case to Harare, where the incident occurred.

In a letter dated June 5, 2023, addressed to officer commanding Masvingo province, David Mahoya, the woman said: “It seems as if the law is being selective on certain individuals towards discriminating against its citizens. Women and girls shall continue to suffer at the hands of such callous bulldogs who are immune to arrest.”

“The accused person further alleged that I am affiliated to CCC (Citizens Coaltion for Change) political party which I have no material knowledge or interest and this was meant to intimidate and threaten me. Since that day I am living in desperation and fear of being victimised together with my family.

“I am not certain of my future social life and work environment as the accused severally indicated to me that he is a connected someone (and a) person of his calibre do not approach people the ordinary way (sic).”

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