ECONOMIC CRISIS: Police officers’ salaries can only buy a pack of meat – opposition MPs charge; demand Mthuli Ncube appears before Parly

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PARLIAMENT morphed into chaos as opposition legislators demanded Minister of Finance Mthuli Ncube’s appearance before the National Assembly as the economy continues on a downward spiral.

Zimbabwe’s economy is faltering; prices of goods and basic necessities are soaring, the local currency is fast losing value against the greenback, bringing back memories of the hyper inflationary era of 2008.

A raft of measures announced by Ncube have failed to have an instant impact on the deteriorating economy.

According to reports, the spiralling inflation is worrying some Zanu PF members who are eyeing seats in this year’s plebiscite.

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MP Charlton Hwende standing on a point of national interest said civil servants’ salaries had been eroded by inflation.

Hwende produced pay slips of police officers who are earning less than ZW$60 000 after deductions.

“Last week we pleaded with Mthuli Ncube to come before parliament to explain to us the issue of civil servants’ salaries and the increase of prices in shops. Last week uniformed forces had not received their salaries when we demanded for Mthuli to appear before the National Assembly. Their salaries can only buy meat,” said Hwende.

Acting Speaker of Parliament Tatenda Mavetera dismissed the pay slips proof saying they were not authentic.

This triggered furore from opposition MPs who demanded Ncube to appear before the National Assembly and issue a ministerial statement on the rotting economy.

The economy’s woes are further compounded by depreciating local currency which is trading at ZW$7 000 against the USD on the black market.

In a snap survey carried out by ,mega shops in Harare were pegging goods in USD.

Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa accused businesses of working with the opposition to discredit his government ahead of the August 23 elections.

“We plead with the Speaker for Mthuli Ncube to come before us. Mthuli Ncube is spending time in Cowdray Park (in Bulawayo) failing to come here. Last week the Speaker said that Mthuli would come but he has not,” raged Hwende. — _*NewZimbabwe*_

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