Not even a baboon will vote for you – Mwonzora supporters rage at Komichi; MDC chairman announces splinter group

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ZIMBABWE Republic Police had to intervene after fading opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) members caused commotion, baying for Morgen Komichi’s blood as he announced a splinter group.

There appears to be an insatiable appetite for power within MDC as tussles to salvage what is left of a once formidable political party continues.

Komichi, Wednesday, announced his splinter group from the Douglas Mwonzora led MDC, yet another episode in the opposition’s fragmentation.

The former chairman is reviving the United Movement for Democratic Change with him at the helm.

The announcement triggered violence from Mwonzora supporters who stormed a press conference in Harare accusing Komichi of destroying the opposition party.

“You presided over the congress last year and you were in charge there. You were the chairman of MDC. At the last congress you got three votes. Who nominated you? Who supported you? Right now the president of MDC is in the UK. Why did you not announce it when he was here?

“On your Facebook page I doubt if your friends support you. Right now your posts on Facebook, only one or two people will support you. You cannot even post something that can bring happiness. It will be rejected by people even in the MDC. They will never support you,” charged one MDC supporter who identified himself as Boaz Mangamiso.

MDC has endured power wrangles since the death of founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018, seeing the party split four times.

Succession disputes and constitutional challenges have destroyed MDC which since the turn of millennium mounted opposition against revolutionary party Zanu PF.

Last year MDC failed to secure parliamentary and council seats during the by-elections, a final nail on the coffin for the party.

According to insiders MDC members’ confidence in Mwonzora is waning with some jumping ship to join Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by erstwhile leader Nelson Chamisa.

Komichi said he has the wherewithal to bring MDC to life, before he was whisked away from the angry Mwonzora supporters.

“I had not come here to talk about personalities but rather to outline the vision I have as Morgan Komichi, the belief that I can lead the new outfit of the opposition struggle. I do not want to engage in these side shows,” said Komichi. — _*NewZimbabwe*_

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