Zimbabwe Promotes Food Security Through Genome Editing

By Desire Tshuma

A two-day Genome Editing validation workshop has commenced today in Harare where experts and scientists are discussing ways to improve food security in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.

Genome Editing is a technique of making specific changes to the DNA of a cell or organism. It enables scientists to make altercations to a plant or animal’s DNA that will lead to changes in physical traits like time and maturity.

Zimbabwe embraces the acquiring and utilization of new technology to ensure that the country becomes an upper middle income economy. As the country recognizes the importance of Science, Technology and Innovation in economic development to fully utilize the potential of biotechnology, it has developed a communication and advocacy strategy for the Genome Editing towards optimizing agriculture.

“As a country we are striving to become an upper middle-income economy through harnessing our science, technology and innovation capacity. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, therefore it is crucial to ensure that the application of new technologies as well as the policies to regulate this application is in place to boost our agricultural production. GEd is a key enabler in ensuring this production boost ” said Mr Willard Manungo , Deputy Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet.

“As we all know, genome editing is a rapidly evolving technology that has potential to transform our lives in many ways. However, like all new technologies, it also raises many questions and concerns among the policy makers. Therefore the need for a clear and effective communication strategy that promotes a better understanding of the genome editing and its potential benefits and risks cannot be overstated ” added Mr Manungo.

Among the delegates who is part of the two day workshop is the African Union Development Agency ( AUDA-NEPAD ) head of delegation, Mrs Florence Nazare . The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, National Biotechnology Authority Chief Executive Officer and Registrar, Dr DT Savadye and stuff members, Scientific and Industrial Research and Management Center Executive Technical Director Dr L. Madzingaidzo are all attending the workshop.

TOP PIC: Delegates sttending the workshop

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