Bloodshed In Palestine As Israel’ Military Continue Killing Innocent Civilians

By Desire Tshuma

Israel’s ongoing aggression against is a dangerous escalation that will drag the region into more bloodshed.

The State of The Palestine is calling on the International Community to immediately and urgently intervene into stopping Israel’s massive military campaigns against the undefended Palestinian people under its illegal occupation and killings.

“Israel the occupying power, and its officials must be held accountable and the culture of impunity it has that’s far enjoyed must be combatted. Israel’s deliberate killing of five Palestinian people including a 15 year old child, Ahmad Saqer, the trappings, targeting and injury of journalists expose the occupier’s consistent criminal conduct including the international and willful targeting of civilians with full impunity,” said Ambassador Tarmer Almassri.

In this connection, we call on the United Nations Secretary General to immediately add Israel to the list of parties that commit violations against and affecting children without any further delays or politicized excuses,” added Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri.

Palestine also calls on the prosecutor of International Criminal Court ( ICC) to uphold his mandate and actively seek necessary evidence to hold Israel officials accountable for their ongoing systemic and widespread crimes.

“The Palestinian people will not watch as their homes are being bombed , land stolen and children killed. We the Palestinian people will continue to defend ourselves against Israel’s illegal colonial occupation, its military campaigns and systematic targeting of the Palestinian people and nation,” concluded Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri

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