Mnangagwa’s closest political ally critizes him over massive corruption and mismanagement

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Zimbabwean former minister and Member of Parliament Saviour Kasukuwere – who was also a top Zanu PF official as political commissar – has thrown his hat in the presidential election ring in August, while lashing out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa for leadership, governance and policy failures, as well as corruption.

Kasukuwere, who will battle it out in the crucial poll with Mnangagwa and main CCC opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, says it’s now become clear Mnangagwa is unelectable and presides over a corrupt administration, which is largely benefitting his family.

He says the President is not fit to govern.

After surviving a night military raid at the height of the November 2017 coup which toppled the late former president Robert Mugabe, Kasukuwere escaped under fire into Mozambique, Kenya and then South Africa.

He is now based in Johannesburg where he lives in fear of being killed by state-sponsored hitmen.

In 2018, he briefly returned home after six months in exile, but his move backfired as he was again hounded out of the country.

Kasukuwere says he has now realised that when Mnangagwa and his coup plotters removed Mugabe, they were only driven by self-preservation, self-interest and self-aggrandisement, not the need for chnage and public good.

Mnangagwa and his putschists at the time said they wanted to remove “criminals around the president” when they acted, but after five years in power the current government is now run by cartels as shown in the Gold Mafia scandal and other criminal activities, he says.

Kasukuwere adds that after five years in charge, Mnangagwa’s family is now rich due to proximity to power and looting.

As a result, he wants to join the fray to try to stop the ongoing plunder and ensure democratic change.

“I accept the call to run for Office of President of the Republic of Zimbabwe,” Kasukuwere said. “Mnangagwa could never have won and cannot win any leadership position in a fair and open political process.”

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