Palestine In Urgent Need For UN Security Council Intervention As Israel Militia Cause Terror

By Desire Tshuma

Israel and its settler militia are burning villages , terrorizing communities, displacing Palestinian families and stealing their land and killing children under the watch and protection of Israeli occupation forces.

Blood letting scenes of Israeli occupying forces, burning their way through AI Luban Al Sharqiya and Turmus Ayya is part of Israel’s settler colonial regime and ever concerted drive to cleanse Palestine of its people. Israel settler terrorism is state sponsored, it is financially, diplomatically and politically facilitated and supported by every branch of Israel’s government and celebrated by Israel officials.

” This unaccountable settler terrorism is sustained by an ideology of national Jewish supremacy that guides the continuing illegal colonial occupation, oppression and apartheid in Palestine” said Palestinian Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri. He went further and said that the only end of Israel’s illegal occupation and dismantlement of its apartheid regime can guarantee the protection of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are facing a serious and deadly threat to their existence in their land . The Huwara pogrom is becoming a deadly realty for the thousands of Palestinians who fear for their lives .

From AI Luban AI Sharqiya to Turmus Ayya to Burqa , Ein Shamiya and previously Khirbet Humsah , Ras Al Teen and Khan Al Ahmar , Israel war crimes are escalating and perpetrated inter changeable by the occupation army and settler militias.

” Empty condemnations and expressions of concerns will not protect the undefended Palestinian people from Israel’s racial terrorism. The UN Security Council, the UN Secretary General and responsible actors have a duty to immediately act to provide protection for the Palestinian people, the international community must , without any delay, hold Israeli officials and terrorist settlers accountable for their crimes” concluded Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri.

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