Zimbabwean man caught wirh 4 children wrapped in sack bags allegedly ready to be sold in SA town

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The cruelty that exist in our society is something that must not be overlooked by well meaning citizens of South Africa, and more importantly by the government. People are becoming ruthless in the discharge of crime due to the inability of security operatives to strictly enforce laws.

In recent time we’ve seen and heard of several criminal offences perpetrated by some scrupulous elements which in most cases has resulted to the lose of lives and properties, yet the Government is not doing enough to savage the situation.

In a recent development, an incident happened in Sunnyside on the eve of Wednesday 21st June 2023. A Zimbabwean national was caught in possession of four kids who were wrapped in sack bags like a commodity and being transported to Mpumalanga where they will be allegedly sold.

The incident has stirred a whole lot of concern within Sunnyside as report had it that the family of one of the victim have been searching for him for the past one week before he was rescued.

Statistics show that every year approximately eight million children are reportedly missing worldwide and the numbers have increased significantly in South Africa.

One can only imagine where these kids are being trafficked to and the reasons behind such abduction.

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