DAVID CHITEMBE: ZEC questioned over Changu Chimuti Chakapinda Chapinda (CCCC) Party candidate

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The Nelson Chamisa-led opposition, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party, has approached the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to seek clarification regarding a situation of name similarity.

This was after it was discovered that a person named Chitembe David from Harare East Constituency had registered to contest in the Parliamentary elections as a candidate for a political party named Changu Chimuti Chakapinda Chapinda (CCCC), which bears a resemblance to the CCC party.

CCC led by Nelson Chamisa said:

Dear @ZECzim,

We wanted to inquire whether there exists a political party by the name of Changu Chimuti Chakapinda Chapinda (CCCC). We are curious about the electoral law with regard to the use of similar symbols by various parties. We are wondering how someone was registered with a political party that is identical to our party, CCC. Could you kindly clarify this to the citizens?

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