Nadia Nakai speaks about having Kairo in her life

Nadia Nakai bonds with Kairo and DJ Zinhle. – Instagram/Nadia.

NADIA Nakai has opened up about how life has changed after the passing of her partner, AKA, and maintaining a relationship with the people who were in his life.

Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, was shot dead on February 10. His murder is under investigation.

Though she might have lost a loved one, she has gained a new family through his friends, his daughter and her mother, his father and mother and many others.

In a recent sit-down on L-Tido’s podcast, the rapper spoke of the relationship she had built with AKA’s daughter Kairo which he shares with Zinhle, and how lucky she was to be allowed access to her.

“Kairo is the sweetest girl. She wants to make sure you’re ok,” she said.

“I’m happy we were able to build a relationship when Kiernan was still alive because she was around a lot. I’m happy I was able to spend time with her, and it wasn’t awkward because I said from the beginning if Zinhle is not ok with me meeting Kairo I don’t want that to happen because I know how it can make someone feel weird.”

“It’s so special. I’m so grateful I can still have a relationship with Kairo. I am so grateful she was not completely removed out of my life. I know maybe in the future she’s going to probably call me auntie. She has a mom, a very strong and powerful mom.”

Despite social media users constantly weighing in on the family dynamics Zinhle and AKA’s family have displayed, Zinhle recently took to her timeline to speak about how it was normal to be in a loving environment, especially if it is in the best interest of the children.

Images of Zinhle spending quality time with Nadia and AKA’s family flooded the timeline two months ago.

The DJ went live on Instagram, telling trolls she had no reason to stop getting along with anyone she had built relationships with over the years through her baby’s father.

“While we absolutely respect and can appreciate the different opinions about our lives, our number one priority is and will always be Kairo and Saint… their wellbeing is more important to us than any opinion or ridicule you throw at us,” she wrote.

“Our family structure is built on peace, love, support, and the well being of our children. We will continue in this way. It really doesn’t matter how many times there are debates about us. Maybe this is what needs to happen for people to start unlearning pride-driven habits that don’t benefit our children.” – TimesLIVE.

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