By Faranando Thomas

Aspiring Independent candidate for ward 4 Kadoma central constituency, Israel Gadaga is confident of winning the seat in the forthcoming harmonized August elections.
Kadoma City Council is failing to render adequate service delivery in the city much to the chagrin of residents.
Gadaga is determined to stop the dominance of Movement for Democratic Change and Citizen Coalition for Change parties which he said don’t have what it takes to rebuild the only city in Mashonaland west.
In an interview at his home, Gadaga urged electorates especially the youths to vote for him as he is the answer to the question of employment.
“If you empower a resident, you would have empowered the city. It is high time to stop the talk and start working,” Gadaga challenged his competitors.
Gadaga a University of Zimbabwe political science and Constitutional law graduate. He also did marketing.

He said given the opportunity he is prepared to work hard for the betterment of the city. He also said he will educate people in project management since he is an expert in the field.
“I have worked with community groups from waste management, sports and arts in Kadoma and I will continue offering that service to them free of charge.”
Gadaga challenged youths to desist from drug abuse as the rate at which they are engaging in drugs was alarming.
“I want to continue educating young people life skills so that they will know that they are today’s and future leaders, shun drug use, be innovative, and start their own businesses,” he said.
“I am contesting in the 2023 elections because it’s almost two decades the city has been facing water challenges, burst water and sewer pipes and non-refuse collection, posing a health threat to the residents.
“Let’s stop voting incompetent leaders who do not have their workers and residents at heart,” he added.
He further said the rebuilding of Kadoma does not need talkative people but developmental oriented people, who have ideas to generate revenue that can sustain services and the welfare of council workers being the first priority.
If the electorates give him opportunity to represent them he promised them affordable and quality service delivery.
Some ward 4 residents, who spoke to this publication said Gadaga had the qualities to represent them in the council, but did not see his chances of winning because Zimbabweans haven’t matured to vote for independent candidates even if he or she deserves it.
The forthcoming harmonized August elections is Gadaga’s first elections to contest which he will battle it out with the ruling party candidate Godwin Gwara, Mathias Rwakonda of Citizen Coalition for Change and Gwafa Lolline of MDCT.

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