Gold Mafia Documentary: McMillan apologises, says I was drunk

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BUSINESSMAN Mr Ewan Macmillan has apologised to President Mnangagwa’s Government, other key state institutions and his associates for his role in the Al Jazeera gold mafia documentary series.

This comes as the 52-year-old merchant and several other parties were ensnared in the Qatar-based broadcaster’s sting operation which alleged some Zimbabweans were behind economic crimes but which has since been proven to be baseless.

In a terse statement yesterday, Mr Macmillan said: “I would like to apologise to my family, friends, fellow Zimbabweans and to all those people offended by my behaviour and comments as shown in the recent Al Jazeera Gold Mafia series.

“I made many statements under the influence of alcohol that were boastful, untrue, derogatory and malicious that have caused harm to those around me, in business with me, the industry that I have worked in, Zimbabwe’s banking and financial sectors and those in important positions of authority.”

He said he was “thoroughly embarrassed about the whole incident” and imbroglio.

While others named in the so-called epic expose and politically-motivated damaging sting operation are considering litigation against the Qatari news network, Government has condemned the four-part documentary and exposed its sinister motives by instituting swift investigations, which have not returned any serious acts of misconduct.

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