Opposition parties flock to Muzorewa’s UANC

By Mutsa Sibanda

THE UANC leader Rev Dr Gwinyai Muzorewa claims most of the presidential aspirants who failed to register for the 23 August 2023 elections have thrown their weight behind his candidature.

Rev Dr Muzorewa is younger brother to the late former Prime Minister Bishop Abel Muzorewa who led the country between 1979 and 1980.

Addressing THE UANC parliamentary candidates in Harare last Saturday, Rev Dr Muzorewa said he was confident of forming the next government in Zimbabwe.

“Other parties whose presidential candidates did not succeed are coming to join us so that we become a formidable force.

“This is welcome. We have welcomed three parties so far who are joing us because Muzorewa was accepted so they said we still want to take care of the situation, we still want to get into the next government. More importantly, these people know that THE UANC is a great party, they know that, they have heard of it and now they are seeing it in colour.

“I humbly ask that we win these elections so that we form the govetnment. We are going to make a difference.”

THE UANC president deplored the country’s economic deterioration since their ouster from office at full independence in 1980 and said the country should return to good hands again.

“The record of what THE UANC can do for Zimbabwe is known by everybody in this country judging from our performance during the very short period we were in office,” he stated.

The party had built people houses in all cities and towns, schools and clinics in rural areas and strengthened the monetary currency after it was battered during the gruelling liberation war, only exiting government when the Zimbabwe dollar was stronger than the US dollar and at par with the British pound.

“We ran an efficient public transport and refuse collection system and the country boasted the best paid civil servants on the continent,” he added.

Muzorewa said as a God-fearing father he would set up an inclusive government working with all political parties and selecting Zimbabwe’s best minds for cabinet posts, but abhorring corrupt individuals.

“It is time for genuine unity without political animosities in order to lead the country to prosperity for all citizens.”

Muzorewa is among 11 candidates who successfully filed their nomination papers for the country’s top job earlier this week.

The US-educated theology professor pledged to uphold human rights and guarantee freedom of press and of expression while promising to jealously guard the country’s mineral wealth and land resources.

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