Uncle convicted of Tapiwa Makore ritual murder

HARARE – Tapiwa Makore Snr has been found guilty in the shock Murehwa ritual murder of his brother’s minor son and namesake Tapiwa Makore back in 2020.

Makore was jointly charged with his headman, Tafadzwa Shamba who was found to have been the one who carried out the gruesome act.

Prosecutors proved that Makore directed Shamba to kill Tapiwa Makore Jnr in a ritual murder to boost his cabbage garden business.

It was proved they mutilated the minor’s so they could sell his body parts to a witchdoctor for US$1,500.

The widely publicized murder was committed on the night of September 17, 2020.

The minor’s torso was found being mauled by dogs the following morning.

His hands, legs were found dumped in a blair toilet following indications to police investigators by Shamba.

Prosecutors proved that Makore Snr bought illicit beer which was used to intoxicate the minor who was aged 7 at the time.

They would go on to behead the boy in his sleep at the foot of a mountain close to Nyamutumbu village.

“The way his body was cut into pieces leaves no doubt that the boy was killed for ritual purposes,” said the judge.

The judge chastised the two for preying on the boy “like butchers on a slaughtered beast”.

Eight witnesses testified during the trial.
Only one witness was declared hostile after disowning her statement in court.

In his defence, Shamba denied having committed the offence claiming that he had admitted to the murder under duress after being assaulted by investigating officers.

He claimed the blood spots that were found on his pair of trousers were from a chicken he had slaughtered at Makore Snr’s homestead.

He also maintained that the blood stains found on his vest were menstrual blood left by his friend’s girlfriend.

Tapiwa’s head was never found and the torso was buried a year after his death.


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