Palestine Embassy Condemns Israel’s Barbaric Aggression Of The City Of Jenin

By Desire Tshuma

The embassy of the State Of Palestine has once again condemned in strongest terms the aggression by the apartheid Israel occupation army against the northern West Bank City of Jenin and its refugee camp that has so far killed five Palestinian martyrs and left more than forty critical injured.

“This aggression is part of the official apartheid Israel policy of using military force in dealing with the defenceless Palestinian people as an alternative to political solutions to the conflict. We hold Israel apartheid government fully and directly responsible for its repercussions” said Ambassador Dr Almassri (pictured). The Israel army assault on the northern West Bank city of Jenin is another war crime that will not bring security and stability to the region.

Ambassador Dr Tarmer Almassri went further to stress that Palestinian people will not be divided , surrender or raise the white flag, but will remain steadfast on their land in the face of its brutal aggression until the occupation is defeated and freedom is achieved by the Palestinian people. ” All these crimes committed by the occupation government and its terrorist settlers will not achieve security and stability for them unless our Palestinian people are free” added Ambassador Dr Almassri.

The Palestinian embassy is calling for decisive international action to immediately stop the aggression, urging the international criminal court to break its silence and start holding Israel war criminals accountable.

” The double standards and shameful silence of the International Community regarding the Israel crimes encourages Israel occupation power to go further in its crimes and flagrant violations that strengthen its occupation and apartheid system which is against International law and humanitarian law ” elaborated Palestine Ambassador .

” We call on progressive peoples, governments and human rights organization to condemn these heinous crimes that threatens to explode the conflict, in which the consequences will not only be paid by the Palestinians but the entire region and the world. The Palestinians will use all means necessary permitted by the international law to defend themselves from this brutal last occupation on the 21st century” concluded Ambassador Dr Almassri.

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