E-Creator is dead, founder flees with US$1m (or so we are being told), evangelists already promoting other scams

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E-creator was a scam from the very beginning and unfortunately, it managed to fool many of our comrades. I know that many will find it hard to sympathise with those that lost out, I understand that, but let’s try to.

Yesterday, we discussed how E-Creator’s statement on why they had delayed withdrawals was nonsense. Today, we have to talk about the company’s closure. E-Creator released a statement on their Facebook page, which reads:

This person’s name is Zhao Jiaotong, he is a Chinese, he is the founder of E-creator, and he is currently withdrawing money through the Ecocash agent in Harare, and he will transfer money to his personal Ecocash to ask someone to help him withdraw money or through The method of transferring funds to the Ecocash agent to defraud E-creator employees of funds, he tried to leave Zimbabwe tonight, carrying all the deposits of E-creator employees, due to his departure, E-creator was forced to close, I am very sorry, He has more than 1 million US dollars on him. If you find him at the airport or on the border road, you will get back the money you lost. Let us all find him and get back the money that belongs to us.

I hope we all know not to take anything these E-creator guys say at face value. They have been lying from the get-go and trying to cover their tracks by using vague phrases and broken English.

What have we learnt from their statement? E-creator has shut down and they are very sorry about that. This is something we can believe, except for the being sorry part.

Zhao, the scapegoat
The rest of it is nonsense in my opinion. Now that they are shutting down, we find out about a Chinese founder who is single-handedly responsible for defrauding everyone. It’s too convenient. Almost as if it is made up.

I don’t believe Zhao exists. However, even if he does, the story given above does not make any sense.

If we consider the EcoCash story they are spinning, we are left scratching our heads. See, there are transaction limits when using EcoCash USD wallets. One can only send or withdraw a maximum of $500 per transaction and one can only have four such transactions per month. So, you cannot withdraw more than $2,000 per month.

The statement above says Zhao sent ‘company funds’ to his personal EcoCash account and then proceeded to withdraw it. Well, he could not withdraw more than $2,000 a month and so he would have needed over 41 years to withdraw a million dollars.

The statement says he also sent money to EcoCash agents so that they could withdraw on his behalf. The EcoCash transaction limits we talked about affect transfers too. You cannot send more than $2,000 a month.

You know what’s even crazier, you cannot hold more than $20,000 in your EcoCash wallet. This may change in the future but currently, you cannot. So, how could Zhao embezzle a million using EcoCash when it can’t? It’s all a web of lies coming from E-creator.

Luckily, we do have some names and faces. Justin Kuchekenya paraded himself as CEO and one Abraham Mutambu took on interviews selling the scam. These two can point us in the right direction. If it’s Zhao or someone else, they would know.

The evangelists have no shame
Whenever we talked to E-creator members, we ran into the ‘I know it’s a scam but I’ll come out with a profit’ gang. Now, we are all adults and if someone wants to join a pyramid then by all means, let them.

We would leave them be if it weren’t for the fact that they recruit other people to their scams. These people they recruit do not quite understand that the whole thing is built on a lie and so they pour in their life savings and lose out in the end.

So, right now, these early adopting evangelists are not even in mourning. They made tens of thousands before E-creator went belly-up.

We got a few screenshots of some conversations that happened in some E-creator groups and they are telling.

Guy 1: amana [guys] we are being roated on social media

😹😹its painful out there..
hope E-Creator is not gone.. i have a lot of people to prove wrong

and theybaskin qsns like why is it that its possible to recharge but impossible to withdraw

Group admin/chief evangelist: Wangu [my friend] don’t spread panic your account may be blocked

Just be patient and wait for the 7th or 8th of July that is when the upgrad

Guy 1: i didn’t spread panic..i invested in E-Creator. thats why i said i have a lot of people to prove wrong.. don’t know how that could get my account blocked

Group admin/chief evangelist: Oky so hold your cool my bro 😎

Guy 1: okay you too bro..
you jus jumped into conclusion

A couple of hours later, E-creator releases the statement about Zhao fleeing with US$1m and Guy 1 shares it with the group.

Guy 1: Developers, how are you feeling 🤩

Group admin/chief evangelist: Kkk boys zvaendwa [It’s over]


Guy 2: Zhao atiza neBag [Zhao fled with the money]

Guy 1:😹😹🙌🏻..the silence in here is golden

Group admin/chief evangelist: Ha vanhu vashe tavhagwa 😅🤣 [We’ve been swindled]

Vanhu vakambodya zvavoo [At least people made a killing for a while]

Group ring mobhowa dai makajooner 2 months back makaita bag [You guys in this group are annoying, if you had joined 2 months ago, you would have made a lot of money]

Maida kuparidzirwa why why why he aahj ndaigaro kuudzai itai fast [You wanted to be preached to, I kept telling you to not to delay getting in]

Moda kujoiner zvawandwa ini I did my part I tried to warn u [Then you decide to join when the whole nationa has already joined…]

Imagine this level of gaslighting from the chief evangelist. Then comes the part that makes me even angrier.

Group admin/chief evangelist: Vanhu vashe exit [Good people exit]

So do you want us to exit or try new things

Ini I new from the start kuti chichavhara that why ndagara ndichuwithdrawer but we don’t always win in life [Personally, I knew this thing would crumble from the start, that’s why I regulalrly withdrew but we don’t always win in life]

[He shares a link to a different scheme, most likely another Ponzi/Pyramid’

Chimwe icho vanoda ini nditorimo tsvimbo hatidzori [Here’s another one for those that are interested, I’m already in it, we don’t let up]

Guy 1: chine commission shoma ichin😹😹 [This one offers a lower commission]

So, of course we have to dig into this other pyramid/Ponzi scheme that’s being pushed. It’s a game of whack-a-mole because there will always be stuff like this and the worse things get in the economy, the more people will fall for these schemes, hoping for a big pay day to alleviate all their problems.

The E-creator chapter has been closed, on we go to expose other schemes on the market. If you know of any shady/suspicious schemes out there, please do let us know. Let’s work together to expose these scams.

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