Is it end of the road for Dzinemunhenzva?

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Remember Egypt, not the country whose history is documented in the Bible, and made immortal by the story of the Israelites fleeing slavery to the promised land of milk and honey.

We are talking about Egypt Tazarurirwa Tsangadzaoma Dzinemunhenzva, a politician who promised to deliver milk and honey to Zimbabweans from the proceeds of his rugged old grinding mill and small farming enterprise.

For the first time in over two decades, the Hwedza-based politician will not be challenging for the top office in the land.

Many have dismissed him as a political clown.

Could his absence from the ballot box be the end of an era or the beginning of wisdom?

Clad in a black overcoat and matching shoes, the perennial presidential candidate emerges from the back of his shop building at the heart of Hwedza Growth Point.

He remained calm as he welcomed this reporter before ushering him into his unfinished building that doubles as his party offices and home.

In this room lies a few things ranging from a small gas stove, a vehicle battery that provides power to his phone, a packet of salt and two chairs.

Near the entrance is a broken old model grinding mill, one of Dzinemunhenzva’s prized possessions.

Could it be that the broken grinding mill resembles his waning political career?

As he offered this reporter a seat, the Forces for the Liberation Organisation of Africa National Party (FLOANP) leader got into a trance.

Whether he was faking it or not, that is a story for another day.

“It’s me Tsangadzaoma, I have possessed my son, I am not happy about what you are doing to my son,” he roared.

For more than half an hour, Tsangadzaoma spoke nonstop through the politician.

He was bitter.

“I am the paramount chief who ruled in the 16th century. My son (Egypt Dzinemunhenzva) should lead this country. I am bitter because you are sidelining him. Why did you leave him out of Political Actors Dialogue (Polad)? You refused to give him a vehicle but he is the first opposition candidate in this land, why?,” queried the spirit.

True to the spirit’s words, the politician applied several times to be included in the Polad grouping, but his plea for recognition fell on deaf ears.

He even went further to criticise Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa, for refusing to join Polad.

Polad is a platform established by President Emmerson Mnangagwa where he meets 2018 losing presidential candidates.

Dzinemunhenzva did not contest the 2018 polls as a presidential candidate.

He contested for the Hwedza North parliamentary seat and lost to Foreign Affairs deputy minister, David Musabayana.

“This nation will regret sidelining my son in this matrix. You even stole his nomination fees and today he has failed to file his nomination papers,” the spirit of Tsangadzaoma continued.

From nowhere, a stubborn rat sped across the room.

Oblivious of being in trance, the rodent caught Dzinemunhenzva’s eye and he reacted.

Perhaps, he became aware that the rat would feast on his few belongings, hence the need to deal with it.

He became alive and started engaging.

“Are you not aware that some people broke here and stole my money that was meant for me to file my nomination papers as a presidential candidate? They attacked me and I was hospitalised after that. They blocked me from contesting,” he said.

Dzinemunhenzva said he reported the matter to police, but nothing was done to pursue the case.

Dzinemunhenzva last year approached the High Court protesting that the US$20 000 nomination fees for presidential candidates was exorbitant.

His wishes were, however, thwarted resulting in him failing to file his nomination papers.

Asked on whether he still harbours ambitions to become a President he retorted: “Why are you asking me that? You want to steal my ideas like before? When the right time comes, you will be the first to know. I can only tell you that a prophecy on me leading this country has to be fulfilled.”

He, however, bemoaned the rampant looting of State resources and corruption by the ruling elite, urging people to vote wisely on August 23.

As his ancestors name Tsangadzaoma literally means, it seems the political sun has set for Dzinemunhenzva, a comic soul whose existence neutralised the national political landscape.

With no meaningful followers, he ambitiously contested for the highest seat in the land for two decades as he anticipated to dislodge the late former President Robert Mugabe.

To him, it was a major achievement to have his name printed on the ballot paper alongside great leaders like the late opposition MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai. — _*NewsDay*_

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