CCC resorts to ward-to-ward campaigns

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WITH less than two months to the August 23 general elections, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says it has adopted a ward-to-ward campaign approach to get to grips with the aspirations of the constituents.

The ward-to-ward campaign strategy involves CCC representatives visiting each ward in their constituencies to engage with residents, understand their concerns and discuss potential solutions.

CCC senior official Felix Mafa said the approach would provide the opposition party with a nuanced understanding of the issues faced by different communities, allowing them to tailor the party’s policies accordingly.

“We believe in the power of local communities and the importance of understanding their unique challenges and opportunities. Our ward-to-ward campaign strategy is a reflection of this belief,” he said.

“We want to ensure that every voice is heard and that our policies reflect the needs and aspirations of the people we serve. We are confident that our ward-to-ward campaign will enable us to build connections with our constituents and deliver policies that reflect their needs and aspirations.”

Kuwadzana East legislator Chalton Hwende said the move was also meant to drum up support for the opposition.

“Just finished our door-to-door exercise in Kuwadzana East. We visited over 200 households. Our target is to ensure that we visit every household in the constituency so that we allow every potential voter to meet face-to-face with our candidates,” he said.

Some political analysts believe the ward-to-ward campaign could potentially strengthen CCC’s position in the upcoming elections.

“This is a smart move by the CCC,” political analyst Pardon Taodzera said.

“By focusing on local issues and engaging directly with voters, they are likely to build stronger relationships with communities and gain a better understanding of the issues that matter most to them.”

CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has of late been on a whirlwind countrywide tour, meeting cluster leaders in rural areas. _*NewsDay*_

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