UZA Takes ZEC To High Court Over Nomination Papers

By Desire Tshuma

United Zimbabwe Alliance’s 2023 August election Presidential candidate Elizabeth Valerio has taken ZEC to the High Court over its refusal to endorse her nomination papers as a presidential candidate.

The appeal is against 21 June decision of the nomination court which rejected UZA president Valerio’s nomination for election to the office as the president of the country. Valerio provided bank stamped proof of her request to initiate a ZWL transfer of funds to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) bank account for the required nomination fees equivalent to US$20 000. Full payment was made to ZEC but her nomination papers were still rejected.

United Zimbabwe Alliance is challenging the decision as a violation of the constitutional rights of UZA president and her party members who nominated her .

“We are therefore seeking an order directing ZEC to accept her nomination papers and allow her to contest in the August 23 presidential election. We are confident that the High Court will uphold the principles of justice and fairness that are essential for our political system and the participation of women in the political Leadership,” said Elvis Dzwene , UZA national spokesperson.

UZA believes that this appeal is a crucial step for the advancement of democracy, transparency and women’s rights in Zimbabwe.

“President Valerio is a visionary leader who has the courage, integrity and experience to lead Zimbabwe. She is the best candidate for the presidency and the only woman who can bring positive change to our nation. We appreciate the support from all our party members, allies and well-wishers and we urge all our members and interested stakeholders to join us in court on Friday 14 July to follow hearing proceedings in the appeal and stand in solidarity in this historical moment,” concluded Mr Dzvene.

There is a similar outcry from another female 2023 August presidential candidate Linda Masarira . LEAD president Linda was her nomination fees which she intended to pay in local currency hit the brick.

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