Mayweather taken to the ghetto, set to visit Victoria Falls

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RETIRED American boxer Floyd Mayweather was Thursday taken to host Scott Sakupwanya’s Mabvuku Constituency shortly after arriving in Zimbabwe, with the gold-dealer-cum Zanu PF politician revealing he will also be visiting Victoria Falls.

Mayweather and part of his The Money Team (TMT) are in the country as part of their Motherland Tour which also takes them to South Africa on Saturday.

In Mabvuku Mayweather was treated to non-competitive rounds of local boxing in which legend Alfonso “Mosquito” Zvenyika and Women’s Intercontinental Welterweight champion Monalisa Sibanda featured.

He then entertained hundreds of residents in attendance with a public workout before taking time to sign autographs.

A dinner engagement was organised for him to meet local businesspeople and political leaders Thursday by Sakupwanya’s Better Brands Jewellery.

His visit is a culmination of earlier plans between him and Sakupwanya which he confirmed last year and on Sunday.

“Africa, the moneyman is on his way. We start off in Zimbabwe on July 13th and 14th. I need everybody in Africa to mark your calendars,” said Mayweather on Sunday.

Sakupwanya, who is eyeing the Mabvuku seat in Parliament said the successful landing of Mayweather in Zimbabwe was enough evidence to those in Mabvuku that he will keep promises he is making once elected.

“This shows to those in Zanu PF and the electorate that I will always fulfil my promises,” said Sakupwanya.

“He says he is happy and what he is seeing is different from what he has heard about the country.

“After this current visit, he is set to visit South Africa where he has a fight scheduled before coming back to visit Victoria Falls.”

Mayweather arrived aboard his private jet at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport early Thursday morning with no security details as is usual when he travels. _*NewZimbabwe*_

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