Over 70 % Zimbabweans Have No Confidence in an Economic Turnaround

By Own Correspondent

Despite  Zanu PF government’s reassurance of an economic rebound, a recent survey shows a majority of citizens don’t buy the notion.

According to a survey by Elite Africa Research, 77.5 percent registered citizens think that the economy is getting worse  and 19.6 percent are confident that the economy is improving.

This is contrary to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration which is  propagating that it is making inroads in bettering the economy and will certainly achieve the country’s middle-income status target by 2030.

The research also confirms fears that the country could be heading in the wrong direction with 69,4 percent registered voters in the affirmative while 27.3 %  believe the country is in the right direction.

The Elite Africa Research  survey predicts a win for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in the coming polls and over 50 percent are confident of the ushering in of  a new government.

“47.6 percent of the registered citizens would  vote for Chamisa and 38.7 percent for Mnangagwa.

” 59.8 percent believe there will be a new government while 37.6 percent think the same government will still be in place, “predicts the survey.

The research firm was founded by Oscar Mutinda who was the lead researcher for this survey. He has more than 20 years’ experience in social and market research. Prior to founding EAR, Oscar was Head of Social Research at global research firm Ipsos in Zambia.

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