By Innocent Muchochomi in Turf, Mhondoro

In a nasty domestic violence incident that has shocked Tyronne villagers in Mhondoro Ngezi, a young woman fatally stabbed her husband, Edson Popera, with a knife following a fight when she returned late from seeking firewood last Thursday.

The late Edison’s father confirmed that his son succumbed to a severe loss of blood after he was stabbed thrice with a kitchen knife by his wife Mitchell Phiri.

“Edson collapsed as blood uncontrollably gushed out from deep wounds on the stomach, neck, and back while his mother and young brothers were rendering him first aid in a bid to save his life.

Narrating the ordeal, the late’s father revealed to The Observer that on this fateful day, Edson came back from work around 17:00hrs and was told his wife had gone to fetch firewood.

Eager to know the reason why his wife had delayed returning home, Edson followed and met his wife pushing a wheelbarrow loaded with firewood.

Upon asking why Mitchell had come back late, an altercation erupted.

The exchange of words prompted Edson to whip Mitchell with his waist belt when they reached home.

After beating his wife Edson relaxed on his bed thinking the issue was over but little did he know that hell hath no fury than a woman enraged.

This is when Mitchell managed to sneak out and dashed to the kitchen, armed herself with a knife, and attacked her husband who was lying on the bed facing upwards.

Realizing that she had committed a serious crime, Mitchell ran away but her aunties caught her and handed her over to the Police.

The late Edson’s body will undergo an autopsy on Friday (21 July, 2023) but the Popera family is distressed why their in-laws are not attending the funeral.

“I am worried why my daughter-in-law’s relatives are not sympathetic as testified by their absence,” said Edson’s father.

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