Catholic Bishop urges people to shun violence

By Thomas Faranando

Catholic Archbishop for Harare Robert Ndlovu has urged church members to participate in the forthcoming August harmonized elections and also shun political violence.

In his homily Rev Archbishop Robert Christopher Ndlovu Sunday told Catholic Church members during a confirmation ceremony of 179 Catholic members at the St Mary’s Mother of God parish in Kadoma to practice their Constitutional rights by voting for people of their choice.

“As we go to the polls on 23 August I encourage you to exercise your rights to vote, but after casting your vote, go back straight home and enjoy your day with your family.”

Ndlovu is the president of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference and a member of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference.
Archbishop Ndlovu urged Catholics to play an active role in condemning violence.

“As Christians it is our duty to practise love and peace. We should shun violence at all levels,” he said.

Archbishop Ndlovu further urged youths not to be used by politicians in violence.

“If a politician tells you beat anyone because of political differences, tell him or her to send his or her child,” said Archbishop Ndlovu.

“Let’s work for the heavenly kingdom and make sure that wherever we are, we must be the light of the nation,” he added.

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