By Thomas Faranando


The Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and ZANU PF Second Secretary, Hon Chiwenga has promised e-passports will soon be aquired in Kadoma.
Speaking at a rally in Kadoma, Thursday VP Chiwenga told the electorate that the issuance of electronic passports will soon be decentralised to Kadoma following the completion of construction of the Registry Building.

The move is expected to bring relief to the people of Sanyati district and surrounding areas who have been travelling to Chinhoyi and Harare to acquire e-passports.

“The new building is almost complete and soon people will not travel long distance to aquire a passport,” said VP Chiwenga.

Vice president Chiwenga said the construction of the new building and decentralisation of e-passport services resonated well with President Mnangagwa’s mantra of leaving no one and no place behind.

VP Chiwenga has further urges party supporters to leave no room for electoral result contestations by resoundingly voting for the his party in the forthcoming harmonized elections.

“We are going to the polls on the 23rd of August where we are targeting at least five million votes,” said VP Chiwenga.

Thousands turned up for the rally at Rimuka Stadium where candidates from Sanyati district were introduced to the electorate.

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