Chiredzi South Zanu PF Members Burn CCC Members’ Houses

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Violence and intimidation against Citizens Coalition for Change [CCC] members escalate as the 23rd August 2023 harmonized elections draw nearer.

This year, the CCC party has broken a 43-year history in Chiredzi South after it managed to field aspiring councillors in all wards and a member of parliament to participate in the forthcoming harmonized elections.

This has caused great anger among Chiredzi South Zanu PF members, who have resorted to violence against CCC members.

Since independence, in Chiredzi South, Zanu PF used to win many Chiredzi South seats uncontested.

However, the new CCC party led by President Chamisa is the first opposition party to field candidates in the Chiredzi South constituency.

In 2023, no other opposition political party has fielded candidates in Chiredzi South.

In Chilonga, Chiredzi South, it is alleged that Zanu PF members have burnt houses belonging to two CCC members.

The burnt houses belong to Mr. Cephas Satani Magezani, aka Tokusindo, which was burnt on 19th July 2023. He resides in ward 7, Chiredzi South.

Also, on 20th July 2023, Mr. Jastino Fanuel Mugoni’s house was burnt by Zanu members. Mr. Mugoni stays in ward 6, Chiredzi South.

Property worth thousands of United States dollars was burnt, including food, furniture, clothes, blankets, money, buildings, among others.

CCC Chiredzi Cluster leader, Mrs. Mugidho, said, “It is painful to hear that our members’ houses have been burnt, and property worth thousands was destroyed.”

It’s disheartening that Zanu-PF members burnt houses, exposing CCC members to cold weather which is now affecting them.

The victims need urgent professional counseling to deal with trauma, material, and financial support to rebuild their lives, said registered psychologist Dr. Abraham Benzon.

Furthermore, Dr. Benzon encourages citizens to mobilize resources to build houses for the two victims and also to provide them with food.

Speaking to yesterday’s Change Radio evening news, Chiredzi CCC member Mr. Livison Chikutu said, “We condemn in the strongest terms the burning of CCC members’ houses.”

In addition, Mr. Vheremu told Studio 7 that Zanu-PF members burnt his house and threatened to kill him.

He said, “A day after my house was burnt, Zanu PF members told me that they will kill me because I support CCC.”

Also, Mr. Vheremu informed Change Radio that he fears that Zanu PF members may hurt his family after his house was burnt.

Currently, Mr. Vheremu is in a safe house, as reported in yesterday’s Studio 7 evening news.

To deal with violence in rural areas, CCC members are encouraged to use the mango strategy. The mango strategy was advocated for by President Chamisa as a method to pretend to love Zanu PF but vote for CCC.

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