Killing Of Three Palestinians By Israel Apartheid Forces Condemned

By Desire Tshuma

The Embassy of the state of Palestine in Harare strongly condemn the heinous crime of execution of three Palestinian young men in Nablus by the Israeli occupation forces, and consider this a war crime, collective punishment and an extension of continuous violations and occupation crimes throughout the occupied Palestinian land, as an integral part of the apartheid Israeli government and its various arms attempt to facilitate implementation of the Zionist colonial project aimed at perpetuating the annexation of the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

This heinous crime is part of the open occupation war on Palestinian national and humanitarian existence in an attempt to impose a racist formula of coexistence with the occupation. Whenever the Israel government faces domestic problems, it resorts to escalating its crimes against the Palestinian People We hold the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for this aggression and its consequences.

The Palestinian people will defend its territories by all means that are permitted by the international law in fighting this brutal apartheid government. The continuation of the daily killings, the storming of Palestinian cities, the assault on Islamic and Christian sanctities, along with settlements, plans for annexation and racial expansion, and other Israeli crimes will not bring security and stability to anyone, because the only way to achieve peace and security is to give the Palestinian people their legitimate rights that have been endorsed by international legitimacy.

The State of Palestine demands the international community to assume its responsibility to end this apartheid occupation. We therefore, call on the progressive peoples, governments and human rights organizations to condemn and hold Apartheid Israel accountable for these heinous crimes and protect our people.

*Harare- 25 July 2023*

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