Call for donations for pregnant 15-year old girl

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RhoNaFlo Foundation is seeking donations for a pregnant 15-year-old girl.

The girl is seven months pregnant and weighs just about 35kgs and is in need of donations, including antenatal care, blankets, food, warm clothes, soap, lotion, socks, water guard and an ambulance fee.

RhoNaFlo executive director, Chipo Tsitsi Mlambo, said donations can be dropped off at 35 Mcmeekan Road in Milton Park or at Tanaya Pharmacy, Newlands Shops.

RhoNalo is a community-based safe hub of midwives. It strictly assists vulnerable teen mothers under the age of 17.

“We urgently need donations to support her. She’s too young to be going through all this.

“Her shoe size is three and her dress size is probably 10-12 pre-teen size.

“Because there are no real repercussions for perpetrators, it emboldens more predatory behaviour.

“We use social media to highlight the plight of these teen moms and we get blow back from the videos and pictures depicting the real situation on the ground.

“Some accuse us of abuse and taking advantage of the girls instead of directing that outrage to the lack of arrest of these men,” she said.

RhoNalo has helped thousands of girls since it was launched five years ago.

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