Girlfriend asks lover to choose either her or his wife

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A SUNNINGDALE 2 man says his former lover, who knew he was married, later confronted him asking him to choose between her or his wife.

Since then, he claims, she has been abusing him.

Victor Neruwana (35) said he could no longer stand 20-year-old Ruvarashe Bere’s violent conduct.

He told the court that he rented a place for Ruvarashe in Mufakose but they never stayed together.

“She knew I was married from the beginning, but approached me when I was with my wife and asked me to choose between them,” said Victor.

Ruvarashe said she felt betrayed by Victor after he forced her to drop out of school and abort her first pregnancy.

“I assaulted him out of anger and he retaliated after I found out that he was married. I was in shock that we had stayed together for a year only to be jilted in front of his wife.

“I want him to compensate me for wasting my time for a year and for forcing me to abort, he must also take care of me and my current pregnancy, which he is responsible for,” she said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted Victor’s application.

“Stop crying over spilt water. You can’t change the situation of his marriage or your pregnancy. It’s now time to think of your future.

“Apply for maintenance after birth. You can’t put the law into your hands and turn violent although you’re a victim,” magistrate Mashavira said.

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