Photos nail robbers…victim’s bravery leads to arrest of thugs

TWO robbers, who trailed and pounced on a woman, have been arrested thanks to photos which the victim took of one of the criminals.

The unidentified Waterfalls woman took the pictures using her mobile phone during the robbery.

The woman, who narrated her ordeal in an audio which has gone viral, managed to get pictures of the Honda Fit vehicle, which the robbers were using.

One of the pictures had the number plates of the car.

The robbers were arrested a few hours later although police were yet to issue an official statement to that effect.

Two of the robbers have been named as Cleopas Mukwande, 41 and Simbarashe Chikwaru, 25, both of Epworth.

They were using a white Honda Fit, ADQ0122.

According to the woman’s narrative, she lives in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls.

At the weekend, one of her twin sons was taken ill and his condition deteriorated a few days later, compelling her to take him to Parktown Hospital for medical attention.

The son was admitted until 3pm on Wednesday and as she drove home, she was trailed by the robbers.

Her car was then blocked in a cul-de-sac and the robbers, who included two women dressed in police uniform, pounced.

“They claimed they had been sent by my husband who, unbeknown to them, I had been with at the hospital,” said the woman.

ONE of the suspects at the scene

“They accused me of infidelity and of having been to a lodge with a secret lover, all in the hope of instilling more fear.

“We physically tussled during which instance they managed to forcibly take US$1 000 which was in my handbag.”

As they were heading to their getaway car, she was able to use her cellphone to take photos.

On realising this, one of them returned, possibly to try and confiscate the phone.

However, the arrival of a school bus, in the vicinity, forced him to abandon the move and to flee the scene with his accomplices.

A few hours after the audio, and pictures had circulated on social media platforms, more information emerged that two of the robbers had been arrested, with their names and place of origin exposed.

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