Ezekiel Guti’s Death Just the Beginning: South Africa-based Prophet Reveals Startling Prophecy of Another Prominent Religious Figure’s Impending Death in Zimbabwe

Prophet Mellontik Orasi Sos, renowned for foreseeing the deaths of notable South African celebrities and influential individuals, grimly declared that this recent mourning in Zimbabwe will not be the last caused by the loss of a religious leader.

Speaking immediately after the confirmation of the demise of Ezekiel Guti, the founder and archbishop of Zimbabwe’s first indigenous Pentecostal church, Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa, and the founder of the Forward in Faith International Ministries (ZAOGA FIF), Prophet Mellontik Orasi predicted that Zimbabwe would soon grieve the passing of yet another religious icon

Paul Mwazha Death Prophecy

Taking to his Facebook page on Wednesday evening, Prophet Mellontik Orasi revealed that the esteemed leader of the African Apostolic Church, Paul Mwazha, will soon be called to join the Lord.

While he did not disclose specific details about Paul Mwazha’s impending departure, Prophet Mellontik Orasi shared that he had received and transmitted this message late last year.

“Shortly Mwazha rests too according to the vision.i relayed late last year,” Prophet Mellontik Orasi declared on his Facebook page.

Interestingly, if Paul Mwazha lives to see October 25 of this year, he will celebrate his 105th birthday, making him the oldest living church leader and founder in Zimbabwe.

Succession Fights In Paul Mwazha’s Church

Meanwhile, Paul Mwazha’s church has been embroiled in succession disputes for quite some time.

The church’s senior members are currently at odds following the formation of a splinter faction.

Power struggles emerged when Mwazha’s son, Alfred, publicly proclaimed himself as his father’s successor, asserting that he had taken control of the church, sidelining his elderly and ailing father.

In response, Reverend Ernest Mhambare, a member of the church, approached the courts seeking to invalidate Alfred’s appointment, arguing that he had attempted to seize the position.

High Court Judge Justice Chitapi ruled in favour of Paul Mwazha retaining his position as the Archbishop, further fueling the power struggle as Alfred joined forces with his brothers and their allies.

Towards the end of 2021, the matter was escalated to the Supreme Court, which reinstated the church’s founder as the leader. However, despite the Supreme Court ruling, the battle for succession continues to rage on.

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