Zimbabwean Youngsters Win Cybertech Africa Challenge with Groundbreaking AI Cancer Diagnosis System

Two young Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have won the Cybertech Africa Challenge with thier groundbreaking AI cancer diagnosis system. Collins Jimu and Zvikomborero Claire Duri, who are both in thier early 20s, developed Cancer360, a system for cancer diagnosis.

Here a conversation with Collins:

*What is Cybertech Africa?*:
Cybertech Africa is an Organization that hosts global annual event that invites very big organizations to attend and exhibit about cybersecurity and Blockchain.

*What are you? Company, what you do?*

I am Collins Jimu and am a senior software engineer who started programming at an early age. I have worked for many companies and startups upto data locally and internationally in person for instance in Dubai. I and my partner Zvikomborero Claire Duri represented Zimbabwe at the event and pitched our startup which is an artificial intelligence system that uses advanced medical imaging to diagnose 5 types of cancer from one scan.

*What was the challenge about?*

It was for teams to present a system that solves problems using Blockchain and cyber security in health or telecoms and other fields. So we presented in health as our startup is Cancers360 which does what I mentioned above

*How did you felt about winning? And things you learnt.*

It’s feels so great and we learnt a lot. We learnt to network and also discovered more challenges in Africa that needs our attention as innovators. It was really an eye opening experience to see how other countries adapt to technology and also rubbing shoulders with gurus in the field.

*What’s next?*

What’s next is us pitching to more competitions so as to raise funding while we are implementing our solution and have it deployed to every clinic and hospital out there. We hope to have an impact in our community.

This is a major win for Zimbabwe, and it is a sign of the great things that are happening in the country. Collins and Zvikomborero are an inspiration to young people everywhere, and they show that anything is possible if you set your mind to it. We wish them more wins.

*_By Motivee News_*

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