Zanu PF violence putting an ugly face on Zimbabwe’s democracy – CCC

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CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) Deputy Spokesperson Ostallos Siziba has accused Zanu PF of putting an ugly face on Zimbabwe’s democracy, a day after the burial of Tinashe Chitsunge one of opposition’s recently slain members.

Chitsunge was allegedly stoned to death by Zanu PF supporters in Glenview 7 during a routine CCC door-to-door campaign.

He was chased out of Tanaka high-density suburb, alongside other CCC supporters, with the ruling party’s supporters declaring the zone a no-go area.

The killing of Chitsunge, coupled with cases of intimidation in rural areas by Zanu PF-aligned Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) backed Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ) have tainted the country’s prospects of a free and fair election.

“Violence has a bearing because it is putting an ugly face on Zimbabwe’s democracy 43 years after independence,” said Siziba.

“Mnangagwa is scared but we are very clear that we will forge ahead. Tinashe’s blood will oil our struggle.

“Zanu PF believes in spilling blood; they believe in using violence. They want to win on the margin of terror.”

Chitsunge’s murder is the third after that of Mboneni Ncube and Moreblessing Ali.

Ncube was stabbed by Zanu PF youths at a rally in Kwekwe while Ali was gruesomely hacked by a Zanu PF supporter in Chitungwiza.

No conviction has been realised so far.

“There is biased policing and unequal treatment of political parties by the ZRP. A leaked internal ZRP memo in July 2023 confirmed the unwarranted behaviour by the police to interfere with opposition rallies, which the police admit taints the credibility of the polls,” said Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum Executive Director Musa Kika.

“The 2023 harmonised elections have already been tainted before polling. The elections have been characterised by higher levels of closed space, tilted playing field, and disbarment and exclusion of opponents.

“This has primarily been enabled by manipulation of the law and of state institutions which facilitate free, fair and credible elections, among them the police, the election management body, the judiciary and state media.” _*NewZimbabwe*_

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