Nigerian mukwasha living in Budiriro for 8 years fined, deported from Zimbabwe


Nigerian Mukwasha living in Budiriro for 8 years without papers fined, deported from Zimbabwe

A Nigerian man(R), who had been illegally living in Zimbabwe since 2015, was over the weekend ordered to pay a fine before being deported back to Nigeria.

Charles Okeke (48), who had no forms of identification, told Harare magistrate Ruth Moyo that he came into Zimbabwe, through the Beitbridge border post.

Until his arrest, he stayed in Budiriro with his wife Sibongile Nyandu.

The couple owns an upholstery shop in Glen View area 8.

The court heard that on August 10, police officers from CID Counter Terrorism Unit received a tip-off that Okeke was an illegal immigrant.

Acting on the tip-off, the police approached him and asked to see his permit authorising him to be in Zimbabwe.

He failed to produce it, leading to his arrest.

Okeke pleaded guilty to the offence of staying in the country, without a valid permit, and was ordered to pay a fine of US$300 or risk being jailed for 30 days before deportation.

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