Mabvuku Turn-off Claims Another Life

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One person died on the spot, while three others sustained injuries yesterday when a vehicle they were travelling on swerved and hit the kerb before overturning several times just after the Mabvuku turn-off along the Harare-Mutare highway.

Four other passengers in a Toyota Probox escaped unhurt.

Some of the passengers who survived the accident said the driver of the Toyota Probox swerved to avoid colliding with a bus that had unexpectedly moved onto his lane.

Said Mr Farai Manyati: “I was sitting in front with the person who died and the driver. All I remember seeing is a bus that moved in front of us and our driver tried to avoid it, but when he tried to come back onto the lane, he hit the kerb and we rolled many times.

“I don’t remember what happened next, but all I saw was other passengers who had been injured.”

Another passenger Mr Courage Chisaya, who was sitting in the boot of the car, said he did not see what happened, but only remembered the impact of the vehicle as it landed on its roof.

Residents and vendors who ply their trade near the Mabvuku turn-off have called on authorities to install traffic lights at the intersection to minimise the number of accidents that happen around the area.

“This area is now a black spot. We have seen too many accidents happening here; vehicles colliding, people getting run-over and many people have lost their lives.

“We are asking for traffic lights at the turn-off because this road is very busy so drivers sometimes fail to give way to each other at the intersection. This sometimes leads to vehicles coming from Mabvuku losing patience and turning in front of oncoming traffic, causing accidents,” said one resident who preferred to remain anonymous.

A vendor, Mr Muhlavaviri Mutema also said traffic lights would force vehicles to slow down as they approached the intersection.

“We always witness accidents along this road and I cannot even count the number of accidents a week.” *Herald*

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