Chamisa is possessed – Chiwenga

MASVINGO-Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has told his party supporters that Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa is possessed by evil spirits, and they should not vote for him.

He told party supporters at Maungwa Business Centre, Gutu last Friday, that Chamisa is his nephew and the only way to save him is by performing a cleansing ceremony.
The entire Zanu PF Masvingo province leadership, Gutu chiefs, headmen and thousands of supporters bused from Gutu, Zaka, and Bikita attended the rally.
Chiwenga said Chamisa invited sanctions and is therefore responsible for the sufferings of the masses.
“I heard Chamisa saying he will call Biden to fix all problems in the country. He also said he would call the whites back to Zimbabwe.
“If you want to defend our heritage and want development and democracy, then vote for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Chamisa is my nephew. I am telling you to go and brew beer to cleanse him of evil spirits. He is possessed,” said Chiwenga.
He said Zanu PF is the only party that can develop Zimbabwe. He promised the supporters a vocational training centre in Maungwa next year.
He also said that 4 000 hectares will be under irrigation in the district, and they will rehabilitate all neglected roads. These include Maungwa to Chiwara, Gutu to Kurai, Pfungidzo to Hundudzo, Chiwara to Makwirivindi and Nerupiri to Mpandawana.

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