Congregation’s Unwavering Faith: Church Rallies Behind ZCC Bishop Expelled from Church for Attempting To Bed His Daughter-in-law

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In a rather surprising development, members of the Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe (ZCCKK) have reportedly come together to show support for Bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri, who recently faced allegations of proposing love to his daughter-in-law.

The church community has been rocked by the scandal, which led to the bishop’s expulsion from the church.

A Scandal Unveiled: A Bishop’s Downfall
Bishop Lyphet Matenda Mugaviri’s reputation took a severe hit when he was reportedly expelled from the church two weeks ago due to allegations that he had attempted to engage in an illicit romantic relationship with his daughter-in-law.

It was reported that the disgraced cleric had even gone as far as sending explicit photos to Olinda Mashavave, who is the wife of his brother’s son, Lesly Mugaviri. The situation escalated when Olinda brought the matter to her husband’s attention.

An Unconventional Sting Operation
In a surprising turn of events, Lesly Mugaviri, Olinda’s husband, devised a plan to expose his uncle’s actions. He engaged in conversation with the bishop on Olinda’s behalf, using her WhatsApp account, to gather evidence of the inappropriate advances. This unconventional sting operation eventually played a crucial role in uncovering the truth.

Church at a Crossroads: Unity or Division?
The scandal has left the Zion Christian Church Kumuka Kwavakafa Nhaudzashe (ZCCKK) at a crossroads, with tensions rising among its members.

While some congregants are advocating for the bishop’s removal, a significant portion of the church’s elders has thrown their support behind Bishop Mugaviri, choosing to stand by him despite the controversy, H-Metro reveals.

Spokesperson Speaks Out

Mubhoyi Kufakunesu, a spokesperson for the church, addressed the situation and affirmed the church’s solidarity with Bishop Mugaviri.

“All church branches are in support of our bishop and only one centre leader by the name Elder Jonathan decided to go his way.” he said.

He acknowledged the mistakes that had occurred but emphasized the church’s commitment to moving forward as a united community.

“…We acknowledge mistakes happen and we have corrective measures.

l can confirm to you that it was a long battle within the family and that matter was blown out of proportion.

That minor fraction had a selfish reason to tarnish the church,” he added.

Kufakunesu went on highlight the church’s recent achievements, including a ground-breaking ceremony for Canaan Junior School and the celebration of Bishop Nhaudzashe Matenda’s birthday.

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