Tshuma stands tall in Gokwe

By Lovemore Chazingwa

For all the fuss and hilarious tales from the mostly rural settings of Gokwe, the name Tshuma has come to either glorify or haunt that mystery riddled settlement.
Remember the blood rushing, heart pumping, adrenalin releasing tale of the late Chokuda. It had to take the intervention of the former late President, Robert Mugabe, to settle the tide, albeit, assailants paid heavily for their shernanigans. Take some time to think about the eagle that hoisted a whole goat to fly away in broad daylight. Do not allow amnesia to let you forget lightning making expertise that can be brandished anytime of the year in the place that Gokwe is known to be. And all the hilarious tales, darting to stone age mentality, abound.
2023 brings its own tale to tell about a constituency called Gokwe-Kabuyuni in the national harmonized general election.
This election pits Tshuma versus Tshuma.
It’s Spencer up against Givemore.
CCC has come to the party in cryptic fashion that may trick even staunch Zanu PF loyalists.
The name Tshuma can do wonders for the opposition, if confusion in the ballot box is anything to go by.
Zanu PF House of Assembly candidate Spencer was the in-thing during last year’s By-Election. He also reigned supreme when the ruling party held primaries earlier this year. His name became synonymous with victory.
This time, however, that surname can weigh scales against his wish as another Tshuma has emerged in the form of Givemore.
The latter walks into the ring to literally give more headache to the famed gold dealer.
Spencer could wish for a differently branded rival other than losing the game to his own clan name.
This is what happens when Tshuma beats Tshuma.
After all Gokw-Kabuyuni will be Tshuma’s territory.
It’s what fate has destined for the mystery flowing Gokwe.
Sadly, last week’s news of alleged violence perpetrated against the opposition candidate Givemore, and his camp sounds cruel. Zanu PF candidate Spencer is alleged to have brandished a gun as the opposition were sticking posters, resulting in some members of the opposite camp running for dear life. Opposition CCC candidate Givemore and his campaign manager Isheanesu Mabhande are alleged to have been assaulted resulting in the aftermath.
The latter is said to have sustained serious injuries. Mabhande is said to have been locked up for as yet unspecified charge, at the time of releasing the report. Such barbaric acts have no place in modern day politics. They go on to taint an otherwise interesting political script unfolding from our beloved Gokwe Town.
The constituency will remain in Tshuma’s hands come winners proclamation day.
The nagging question ‘who beat Tshuma?’ will be answered by an ironically banging ‘Tshuma beat Tshuma.’

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