Real observers must walk the talk: ACCI


By Edward Makuzva

You may have heard the expression “walk the talk,” meaning that a person supports what they say not just with words, but also through their actions.

This is the situation where Elections have always been observed in Zimbabwe. Election observation is so significant that it is incorporated in the electoral regulations.

After the just ended harmonized general elections where some election observer missions have described the elections as not being free and fair.

Addressing journalists at a press conference, Monday in the capital, the African Christian Council International (ACCI) Grand President, Archbishop Johanes Ndanga said this election was characterised by high voter turnout although the Zimbabwe Electorial Commission (ZEC) had logistical challenges in availing enough ballot papers.

Ndanga added that few voters turned away after their names were not found on the voters roll and engagements revealed that ZEC indicated that they had not verified their registrations as was required by law.

Archbishop Ndanga highlighted that ACCI noted utterances by some contestants after election results which may have the influence to insight their supporters not to accept the results.

” We observed that there were so called Preliminary Observation Reports issued by other Observers during the counting of votes which already had conclusions. We are of the view that such interference on the election process might affect negatively the prevailing peaceful environment.

” At each polling station, polling agents would sign V11 forms which was a summation of verified results of the vetting process.However, a case to note is on Chirumhanzu- Zibagwe Constituency, in Midlands province where the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) failed to assign agents at Huchu Primary School, Simon Muzenda Primary School, Sebakwe Game Park Tent, Moffat Primary School and at Musena Clinic.

” It was observed that every Ward, polling agents would sign the V23 A forms. These are forms that collates results from the particular V11 forms from the polling stations” , Ndanga explained.

Meanwhile, the ACCI noted reported incidents of interference from the Non Profit Organisations ( NPOs) who were involved in activities of collating reports from certain political parties . This was tantamount to electioneering and subversion of zimbabwe ‘s democratic processes.

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