Gruesome Discovery: Corpse Found Concealed In A Sack In Harare CBD

Earlier today, a sack containing the body of a man, suspected to be a homeless individual, was discovered at the corner of Innez Terez and Robert Mugabe Way in Harare CBD.

According to witnesses, the body was found at the location where the man typically slept.

Contrary to earlier claims of decapitation, the body remains whole, although it does display apparent injuries, The Herald reports.

The police have not yet issued a statement.

Corpse Found Concealed In A Sack In Harare CBD, Social Media Reacts

Following the incident, there has been a discussion on social media regarding concerns about street children in Harare CBD and the potential risks they face, particularly in relation to people who may harm others for ritual purposes.

Some individuals have claimed that another body, believed to be that of a street child, was discovered on Monday along 4th street.

The body was found mutilated, leading to speculations of ritual killings. Below are some of the comments on Facebook.



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