He would braai them…Police reveal shocking details about serial killer who targeted street kids in Harare

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Harare, Zimbabwe – In a bone-chilling revelation, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu, alias Sauro (20), a suspected serial killer in connection with a series of gruesome murders that have terrorized Harare’s Central Business District over the past week.

This heart-wrenching case has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, leaving many to wonder about the motive behind such heinous acts.

A Grisly Spree
The ZRP released a statement confirming the arrest of Thandolwenkosi Ndlovu, shedding light on the horrifying details of the crimes.

According to the police, Ndlovu specifically targeted “street kids” while they were fast asleep on the streets of Harare. His modus operandi was both shocking and gruesome.

ZRP spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi explained,

“The suspect would crush the victims and then proceed to open their stomachs to remove genitals and other body parts using empty broken bottles. He would then braai the human parts on any open fire place and consume them while still within the Harare Central Business District.”

A Desperate Manhunt Ends
The suspect’s reign of terror came to a dramatic end on 4th September 2023 when police detectives tracked him down along Rotten Row Road, Harare. The arrest followed an attempted attack on another street child who fortunately escaped unharmed.

Upon his arrest, Ndlovu was positively linked to five murder cases that occurred between 28th August and 4th September 2023. These gruesome murders took place at various locations in the Harare CBD, leaving the city in a state of shock and disbelief.

Harare Serial Killer
Human body parts, including a liver, were discovered just a few meters away from the bodies of two homeless men near Mupedzanhamo in Harare who are believed to have been killed by a serial killer. In addition, a bloodied concrete block, believed to have been the murder weapon, can be seen nearby. The clay pot found at the scene belonged to the victims. [Image Credit: Zimlive]
Past Crimes Unearthed
The horror doesn’t end there. Investigations have revealed that Ndlovu was also linked to three murder cases in Bulawayo back in 2020, where he brutally attacked victims while they were asleep or intoxicated. His modus operandi involved using bricks and stones to crush his victims’ heads. After these crimes, he fled to Harare.

Additionally, Ndlovu faces charges of attempted murder and a warrant of arrest for a robbery case that occurred in Milton Park, Harare, in June 2021.

Motive Remains a Mystery
While the police have arrested the suspect, they are still grappling with understanding the motive behind these heinous acts.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi emphasized,

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police has not found any evidence to link the recent murder cases committed by the suspect to ritual killings.”

The investigation continues, with authorities determined to ascertain if Ndlovu acted alone or had accomplices. The nation awaits further details on this perplexing case.

In the wake of this shocking revelation, Harare residents are left grappling with fear and disbelief. As more information emerges, the Zimbabwe Republic Police is urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to aid in their ongoing investigation.

This chilling saga has rocked the nation to its core, and as the investigation unfolds, Zimbabweans grapple with the horrifying reality of the serial killer who would braai his victims in the heart of Harare.

Harare Serial Killer
ZRP National Spokesperson Assistant-Commissioner Paul Nyathi
Police Statement on Arrest of Suspected Serial Killer Who Terrorized Harare Street Kids In Full

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